Maybe baby?

Tink is so huge. So huge.

However, she was still eating eating eating yesterday, and 'pacas tend to stop eating when they go into labor. She even cushed (laid down) for a while yesterday and still ate--and she had to do a crazy roll maneuver to stand up. She had separated from the herd yesterday evening but as of this morning nothing seems to be happening.

I'm not sure you've met Tink's first cria, Georgia, who also lives at the farm. She is excited to be a big sister.

She was raised on a different, much smaller farm, and is much more used to people than most of the other 'pacas at the farm.We always exchange a good nose sniff whenever I go there.

In other news, I cast on for this Debbie Bliss sweater. I had some black and white yarn in the stash and came across this pattern when I was cleaning out a bunch of magazines (I'm happy to see that these older patterns are on Rav too). The yarn I have is worsted so I have made a few adjustments in the pattern. We'll see how it goes. Colorwork and I often have a difficult relationship but so far this seems to be going well!

Stay tuned!!


Kim in Oregon said…
Friday evening update---no cria today.
kathy b said…
aw she is ready to pop! Im glad Tink has a successful history with live crias. That is reassuring me today.
Tink is such an awesome color! What can I do to get this baby to come? My ob/gyn used to say to me, We will sell no wine before its time. I think she's having her baby soon. I do I do. thanks for the updates I'll check back