Maysie maybe?

I don't quite remember the name of this shawl, but it is done. It is cotton and so will be nice and light for the summer.

Here it is unblocked:

And then I just dunked it and stretched it out on the table. I got out the blocking wires but ended up not using them.

Notice I blocked them with using hand weights.
I think I kind of screwed up on the 'arrow' aspect but it looks great (imho).

Here it is close up

I like it a lot.

I'm off to the farm this morning to take over on Tink Watch while Ann has another commitment. She's ready to give birth (her back end tendon is really really soft) but now it is all on her.


Bridget said…
Oh that is really pretty! I love the color shade transition.

Good luck with a little baby coming ... :-)
kathy b said…
I know you know how excited I am about the new baby and TINK. I'LL say a special prayer for you all tonight.

Your shawl is lovely. ALL Of your knits are KIM!