Monday Quora

 Kathy wants to know some stuff!

*Do you remember a bad sunburn? Oh yes I do.  Until I was in my mid-20s, the only time I ever used sunscreen was in Mexico. I had some bad, bad, bad sunburns received under the assumption that the burn would change to tan. It didn't. It still doesn't.
*What is the last game you played?  (card game or board game) Probably bananagrams.
*Do you have a statue in your house of any kind? I'm looking around. Not in the house, no.
*Have you seen the new needle that threads your safety line for lace? NO! Tell us more.
*Why do they call them point protectors when they are really protecting the stitches from falling off? A question for the ages, Kathy.
*What kind of knitting or crocheting has dominated your summer? Shawls, I guess, although I'm ready to cast on for a winter sweater.
*Have you seen an ice cream truck this summer? I don't think so!
*Cold summer salad preference: Pasta salad or bean salad or fruit salad?  Fruit salad. Although I make a great salad with black beans (can) , corn and green salsa. 
*Your favorite summer sandals are made by _____ Teva, and they're flip flops.
*Do you have a favorite old photograph taken in the summer ? I have a photo of my mom, my brother and me (baby me) at an amusement park in St. Louis (Holiday Hills--it is no longer there).