Monday Quora

*Best news of the weekend is…….really, do I have to answer this?
*Do you remember Mexican jumping beans? I do. Was it a worm in there?
*Does knitting a shawl sometimes feel like knitting a blanket? Sometimes, although I use lightweight yarn for shawls.
*Have you ever gone under a tipped canoe and had a chat? well that brings back memories!
*Did you know horses like to eat peppermints? No! Really?
*The last thing I was tempted to purchase, but didnt’….. Oh I don't know---let me think about it.
*Are the new school supplies out yet by you?  How does that make you feel?  Haven't noticed but Kim mentioned they go back to school in Georgia next week. It is only the halfway point for me so I'm covering my ears and going la la la la la.
*Give me a detail…any  tiny detail of summer I can walk through my neighborhood and collect fruit for a black berry pie.
*You are getting a box of yarn in the mail two  skeins ….what color/(s) do you want it to be?  White with grey speckles and grey.
*Have you gone so far as to unbuckle your seatbelt and search for a lost hook or needle during a car ride?  (you are the passenger of course) Probably! but it was probably a cable needle.