Much Quora-ing!

 Kathy has another quora and I must say these get my week off to a good start.
Sometimes I think "oh yay, I don't have to worry about not having any knitting to show" and sometimes I think "Oh yay, fun things to talk about."

We had a great weekend, a mix of activities (long long walks, kayaking) followed by good food (Tacos! Burritos! Pretzels!) and hanging out. Plus we figured out where we are going for vacation in September (Hood Canal) and got a place to stay. 

On to the Quora!

*I’m overjoyed that the mason bees are putting their eggs  in both pollinator boxes here.  What kind of crops do you see in your state?In Oregon, we have a lot of marijuana :-), timothy hay, grasses, probably other stuff that I never notice.
*This has been a question before, but it is a good one: When was the last time you wore a handknit ?
Well it is summer so that has slowed down, but I'm sure I wore a scarf or a pair of socks sometime in the last few weeks.
*Have you ever seen the Secret Service in person? We were attending our niece's wedding in Annapolis and we were walking around one afternoon and we saw 'official' cars leaving some official place and in the cars were the Obama daughters. So I'm sure that Secret Service people were with them! I also long long long ago was in Vail on vacation with my mom and brother and I saw the sitting President (Ford) playing golf (also saw Betty shopping in downtown). So I'm sure there were Secret Service people at that time too. Right?
*Do you know  a poem by heart? I do! I know "The Road Not Taken" and "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" and "Something like a Star" by Robert Frost. I know "The Night Before Christmas."  I know most of "The Lady of Shallot". Give me some time and I'll think of more.
*Do you attach a new ball of yarn to your knits at the end of a row or a few inches in? I try to remember to attach at the end of the row but that doesn't always happen.
*What is a rule in your house? Hmmm. Don't let the dogs out!
*Have you been stuck behind a cyclist, a tractor or a bus most recently? Probably a bus. Definitely not a tractor.
*What’s your favorite summer pie? Blueberry, although I'm not a big pie person.
*Do you know a clever yarn shop name? There's one here called Cozy. That's a good name. I think you're looking for a pun but they make me groan often.
*Are you still hearing fireworks? Luckily for Pilot, I think they've stopped.


kathy b said…
Hahaha Kim, I didn't expect pot to be on the crop list.
I am so glad you and others enjoy Monday Q and A. I had serious doubts I could create another year of lists, but it is happening!
Yes, I was looking for a pun. You know me!