Needing a Nap

Cria watch: nothing doing in that area. And it is 1:30 so we can pretty much assume today is not TigerLily's birthday (crias are usually born by 2pm).

I'm still feeling a bit sleepy and worn out, but the allergies/sinus infection seems to be abating. But doesn't a nap sound good?

I won this in one of my Twinnie's contests.

Yarn and a pattern book! Yay!

And the body is done and shoulders are joined (and the cables matched):

You can see I started one of the shoulders too--this pattern has you (and by that I mean me) picking up stitches and then knitting short rows for the shoulders. It is intriguing, and een though my picked up stitches are wonky I'm hoping that sucker blocks out.

How are you?


KSD said…
Diggin' the shoes!
Kim in Oregon said…
Thanks Twinnie. They're Campers Right Nina. The only flat I own, and I think I have it in four colors.
kathy b said…
Not sure my comment went through. Hmmmm. I am boiling water. Im SOOOOO excited for Tink.
Happy you won Kim's latest contest. she is So generous. IT took me awhile to see the shoes. I was so focused on the gorgeous sweater I missed them. They are darling