Official Cria Watch

Tinkerbell's official 'due date' is two weeks from today, so that means we are on Cria Watch. It means for me that I never am too far from the phone, and it means for Ann that she checks on Tink every half an hour or so.
Ann puts bandanas on the pregnant girls so she can spot them easily (lots of brown out there!). I was at the farm yesterday and she's pretty big, especially on her left side. She is dong all the things a pregnant-about-to-give-birth girl should do, mainly eating and drinking. Her milk is starting to come in (but with Brownie, this was a few weeks before birth). So we'll see.  Of course, my blog readers will be among the first to know.

I worked on halter training with my boy, Atom, yesterday, and he didn't like it much. It makes sense--the only time he's had a halter on is to either get sheared (not fun), move to a new farm (not fun as he got picked on a bit), or got castrated (yeah, not fun). Hopefully we'll get him better. He's a sweet one.

In other news:
  • had a fun weekend with walks and a fun brunch with the ex-grad students. They both leave this week. 
  • read a great book (I'm really hitting on the great books this summer). "The House Among the Trees" by Julia Glass. The story is about a woman who is the executor for the estate of a famous children's book author. Beautifully written and important themes of love, loss, and stories. 
  • We started watching two new series. First is one on PBS now--"My Mother and Other Strangers"--about how a small Scottish (Irish?) village survives World War 2. It's interesting--similar to "Home Fires" but focusing on a single family. And "The Young Pope". This was on HBO. It's something else.
  • And this is at the halfway point:
I did a good job with the yarn on this one!


kathy b said…
So hoping TINK is feeling good and ready for the big day! Im very excited for you
KSD said…
It's so interesting how different animals have different birth times. And it makes you wonder, no?