My allergies are awful today---I think because we went to brunch out in the 'country' yesterday that something really exacerbated them. Brunch was great--so much fun to share time with grad students (oops, former grad students).

The Tefertillers are in the back, the Pittmans in the front, and Tim and I in the middle.

ON TO THE QUORA! Kathy has some great questions this week.

*Have you ever changed up a S’more?I don't even know what this means. I think it means made a smore with something that doesn't belong in a s'more. That would make it s'thing else.
*What yarn is on your needles?  (That you will work on today?) That cotton gradient yarn.
*You can have a gift certificate to Knit Picks, Etsy, or Webs.  Which do you choose? Ooh they all have strengths. KP you could get a big bang for the buck. Webs has the selection. I'll go with Etsy, though, to get something special and fun and unique.
*What’s your middle name?  Do you use it at all? My middle name pre-marriage was Ellen. Post-marriage it is my maiden name, Bartel. I use it in academic publishing.
*Last place you went that took cash only. Wow. Probably a lemonade stand in the neighborhood.
*Have you ever had Baked Alaska? Yes--on a trans-atlantic cruise.
*Give a yarn skein a name that reflects the nighttime Starry starry night.
*Bar soap, foam soap or liquid hand soap?  (in your bathrooms) Liquid by the sink and bars in the shower.
*Last time you got a ticket? More than 20 years ago.
*Last time you had a car-hop bring your carry out to you? The last time we were at the Sonic, which was a few years back.