Sunday, July 02, 2017

Sunday Stuff

Rabbit rabbit a little late from yesterday. Time gets weird when I'm here by myself (and interestingly, I'm really by myself, both across the street neighbors are gone and the neighbors on one side are gone,  and I think the ones on the other side are gone too).  Friday morning I woke up at 4am and got the dogs out for a long walk at 5:30am; yesterday we got up at 6 and did another long walk, and then today I slept in til 7 and we did another long walk.

Yesterday the fog didn't burn off until 4pm, and it is foggy out now, although I think it will burn off sooner, it looks less 'thick' today.

Pilot the dog hates fireworks, so I set up a little nest for him in our bathroom (when Tim's gone, he generally sleeps on the bed with me but looks for a hidey-hole when there are noises). I couldn't hear any last night but he did (I know there were fireworks out by the airport) so he went to his nest when they started and then came back to bed about midnight. Poor Pilot!

My flowers are doing well, although the daisies haven't opened yet.But the butterfly bush is doing well.
Yesterday I cleaned out my closet and then took four bags of stuff to Goodwill. Today I'm going to try a new art project--making felted pictures. We'll see how that works (yes, I'll do pictures!).

The cake shawl is doing well:

I'm almost on the last layer but I have a lot of yarn left so I may do one additional 'easy' section in there.

Enjoy Sunday!

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