Wound Up

I'm usually not a huge fan of winding yarn, and have been known to pick yarn for projects based on what is already wound (or comes wound in a ball instead of a skein) in my stash.

I'm not particularly proud of this, but whatever.

But today I decided to have a little winding party. I set up the winder and the swift and got stuff out and thought about knitting plans and wound.

This is going to be Cosmic Dust:

Yep, those are beads there!
And yep, I put little tas on the yarn so I could see what 'order' they go in--with this group I think I'd be OK but the two light ones are pretty close.

This is going to be Cubetcha:
And while Cubetcha isn't necessarily a gradient cowl I think it will look great with these yarns.

And just because everything was up, I wound up three other skeins:

CLockwise from the upper right hand:

1. Mystery yarn that is purple and turquoise and pink and sparkly (hard to see the sparklies). This has to be a scarf or a cowl, maybe another One and done!

2. Tanzanite yarn from STR. Probably socks. Probably cabled socks.

3. Multicolored yarn from Western Sky Knits. It is Aspen Sock in a colorway called Carnivale.
This might be a Close to you or a Willow cowl.

 Ready, set, knit!


kathy b said…
I think Cubetcha will be amazing as a gradient. LOVE the blues. I always do. I have to wind my yarn in balls after the shop makes cakes of them. I just get too tangly otherwise. My own weird knit thing!
KSD said…
Can we PLEASE go yarn shopping together? You have the ability to choose amazing colors.