It has been a bit of a different week. It has been incredibly, incredibly hot here--yesterday it was way above 100, and that never happens. In summer, to get above 90 for more than a day or two is very very unusually. So we're in a stretch of days where we might hit 90 constantly. Thank goodness for cool mornings and air conditioning!

I've been at the farm every morning, will go again this morning. I've been taking out a bucket of apples each morning, and now the alpacas expect it! We leave a few houses from a park that has some of the original apple trees from when our neighborhood was an orchard. The apples are tiny and green and hard and sour, and they tend to just rot all over the park. Pilot will slurp them up. So now I've been doing my civic duty by cleaning the park up and making the alpacas happy!

First some paca pictures, followed by knitting. Here is Calypso relaxing with Tink.

 Tink is now hanging out with all the girls, keeping an eye on Calypso, and he is fascinated by all his Aunties.

 Although he tends to stick close to his mama.
 He's very alert.

 And he is not quite sure about the whole photography thing.
 This is a photo (hard to see) of Calypso's dad Kokopelli (in the front) and the white alpaca in the back is my other alpaca Atom.

And look--actual knitting content! I am getting close to being done with the back of the fair isle sweater. It goes well, because Worsted.


KSD said…
The "whole photography thing" picture made me laugh. He's obviously over his fame. . .
kathy b said…
Trying to see why Kim Of hand eye calls him bomber?
Did I miss a post.

All baby cria photos are welcome. More more more I say.
Oh and your knit up is lovely !!!!!!