Monday, October 09, 2017


Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Quick Quora from Quathy!

*Where do you go to meet new people?  
I guess the Internet, but I don't really have a huge mission to meet new people.
*What is the craziest diet you’ve ever put yourself on? 
I did the Diet Center in the 1980s and ate something like 600 calories a day for 12 weeks. I lost a lot of weight. Most of it is back. 
*Name something you’ve knit and never worn ….
An alpaca cowl, because it is just too hot!


kathy b said...

600 calories a day! WOW. I bet you were very hungry!!!!!
HI Calypso

Anonymous said...

Yikes! 600 calories a day and you didn't gain it ALL back? I'm IMPRESSED!

Kim in Oregon said...

The diet was nuts. The only protein allowed was six ounces per day of either chicken or fish--or two eggs. Two akmak crackers per day. One apple and one other fruit per day. Unlimited veggies from a list of all the boring veggies--lettuce, kale, cabbage, celery. No carrots, brocolli, nothing at all interesting. No dairy whatsoever. Vitamins galore.Thank goodness for onions. And coffee.

elns said...

The word diet makes me break out in hives. 600 calories a day for 12 weeks. Fascinating.

Casting on!