Cowl To Be

So this scarf will be a cowl:

I have to start finishing things (in order to be able to cast on) so I wet blocked this last night and then steam blocked it today. You can see the pattern in it but you can't see the sparkly yarn. Ah well.

Tonight is our Hall of Achievement dinner, when we dress up fancy (well, fancy for Oregon, which means basically not fancy at all) and celebrate people being inducted in to the Hall of Achievement. I said after last year that I'd never go again, but this year my good friend Lauren is being inducted and I get to introduce her, so we're going. I've been rehearsing my introduction all day and it sounds almost non-rehearsed. We'll see how that goes.

I dashed out to the farm with a bag of apples from a neighbor's back yard. Everyone is doing well and the alpacas are truly my balm of Gilead.


Dee said…
Congrats to your friend and good luck with the intro.
KSD said…
I do hope the soiree' went well. (I use a fancy word to counter your "Balm of Gilead.")