Saturday, October 07, 2017


Much of the latter half of this afternoon was spent snoozing on the sofa with the dogs---I'm generally not a napper (unlike the Twinster) but today was just a napping day, I guess. But before that, I finished off the sleeves on this:

The sweater, that is, not the dog! That's Comet, of course. She is celebrating five years of being in our family. Look at that tail wagging! She's such a wonderful girl, and we're so lucky to have such a sweet pup in our lives.

The Thursday evening thing went fine. I was very nervous. Lauren loved my introduction, and several strangers came up after the dinner to tell me that they liked it, so there's that. That's a long day of 'work' (as most of the people at the dinner are donors, and one must be nice). Yesterday I met with more donors too.

I read "Origin" by Dan Brown (what can I say? I love Dan Brown. I always learn a lot from his books, mostly from all the googling I have to do to see if what he writes about is really true). Plus sometimes you have to read a book with chapters that are three pages long and end in a cliffhanger.

We went to Chow for lunch and I had a burger with three kinds of onions on it (prepared three ways, not three different onion types). It was great. I'm a bit onion-sauced stained but it is worth it. Don't judge!


Anonymous said...

No judge here .....I TOTALLY would have gone for all those onions.

(said the woman with garlic breath from a VERY garlicy pizza slice)

kathy b said...

Your pup is darling. I'm surprised you were nervous. Glad it all went so well. Hi to TINK and Calypso

elns said...

Comet is SO cute. Love the color of your sweater. As for onions ... YUM. I am getting in touch with my inner napper these days and honestly, it's lovely. ha! My apartment is even messier for it, though.

KSD said...

Hey, don't knock napp. . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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