Quick Quora

*Tell me about a product you love: Ritter Sport dark chocolate. Especially with marzipan.
*How do you start a campfire? "Honey? Could you start the campfire?"
*Tell me why your are working with the yarn weight you are…. I'm actually working with some pencil roving and it is exasperating yet fun.
*Would you rather have tickets to HAMILTON or a Baseball play off game? Sorry Kathy, I'm picking Hamilton.
*Would you be frightened or thrilled to be on a space walk? Yes.
*Spices: cinnamon or pumpkin spice? Cinnamon is pumpkin spice yes? Fine. Pumpkin spice.
*Shoes your mother wore: I'm sure they were incredibly ugly because she had a weird shoe size and it was impossible for her to find shoes (she's still alive, and her shoes are old lady orthopedic shoes).
*Your knitting this weekend in three words or less: Pencil roving fun.
*Apples eat them , cooked or raw? Yes.
*New baby?  What did they name it? Calypso (softball question).


Dee said…
We can go to Hamilton together! LOL

Kathy can have her Cubbies!
kathy b said…
Hahahah! Love the answers. Calypso...yup I teed it up for you!
elns said…
Save me a Hamilton seat too! ha!

I love your "Yes." answers - gave me a good giggle.

The Ritter Museum is just outside of my mother's town in Germany. If I get a chance to go again, I will send you some Ritter... w/Marzipan. Sorry I don't like Marzipan ALL for you!