Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Two sleeves

I've finished both sleeves of the Glaswegian cardigan, and took them outside to get a picture in the sunlight.
These colors are much truer to life. I really like this cardigan (still) although I'm still doing the ribbing for the body. It is nice to think the sleeves are done, though!

It seems I just have a huge number of things on the to-do list so this will be short. I am called for Jury Duty on Thursday and I'm hoping that ends up being able to be a 'catch up' day!


kathy b said...

Oh Jury duty is great for knitting!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are allowed to take your knitting.

We weren't allowed any needlework in Orange County (Florida).

KSD said...

No knitting --- or anything, really --- allowed here either.

Slowly approaching a new rabbit hole