Why the odd title? Because Glaswegian is on the needles!

One starts with the sleeves, and here is the first one. I think the photos on the Rav site were taken in very, very strong daylight because I have the exact same yarns as the pattern and mine is much darker. It's OK, just hard to photograph.

Here's a close up of the fair isle:

And here is the yarn--it is a pencil roving of Lopi called Plotulopi. It is very long fibered and has absolutely no twist in it, so it looks very rustic, like handspun (well, my handspun). It reminds me of a long-ago loved Benneton sweater. It is a great value--300 yards for about $9.

And it comes in not a ball, not a skein, but a plate:

Here is how one website describes it:
"Plötulopi is an unspun yarn and is traditionally used for Lopapeysa, Icelandic color work sweaters. Plötulopi is fragile to knit with, but due to the long staple length of the wool, once knit, produces garments that are durable, soft, and comfortable to wear indoors or outdoors,  protecting beautifully in the elements. Plötulopi can be held singly, but also double or triple."

By fragile, they mean that the first few rows will involve a lot of the yarn falling apart, but it goes back together with a quick rub between the palms. I pretty quickly got used to it but you need to work this yarn very gently.

In other news, I started (and stopped) a lot of books, but right now I'm reading two. First is 'Young Jane Young' about a woman who tries to reinvent herself after a scandal. It is lighthearted and fun. The second is "Column of Fire" by Ken Follet where he revisits the town of Kingsbridge. I liked the Kingsbridge novels, but I never quite got into his WW2 novels.

We went to an interesting rehearsal for a Ted Talk on the subject of moral injury. Incredibly thought provoking, given by a veteran who served as a medic in Vietnam.

Other than that, it was quite chilly on my morning walk with the pups and Winter is Coming. Bring. It. On. !


kathy b said…
Your icelandic wool is of great interest to me as friends just returned from Iceland.
LOVE that you love WINTER.
The humingbrids are gone. The wild turkeys are growing. They just took a bath in the firepit ash. It is very dry here. At first I thought a fire had started!
Dee said…
Oh those colors ..........that is going to be a BEAUTIFUL sweater.
elns said…
Thank you for explaining the unspun to me! The beginnings of your sweater (honestly that's a lot done) look great. I still find your unspun intimidating with the whole gentle thing. I just broke some sturdy sock yarn in a project bag zipper ...