Friday, January 11, 2019

On Fridays I Focalize

It is a word, really. I looked it up.

Anyway, this post is a paean (yes that is a word too, and it is different from the word paeon, really, I looked it up) to Kym's Friday Fish Wraps but since I pretty much copy every thing Kym does I decided to shake it up a bit. Of course, Focalize (transitive verb, to bring to a focus) doesn't quite have the same elan (yes that is a word too, I looked it up) to the blog as Fish Wrap but wants needs. So yes, let me recap my zany, zany life (ha) for you.

  • First week of class! I have a class of 30 juniors and seniors who are, shall we say, interesting. I have an eye roller and people who walk in really, really late and a woman who sits in the front who yells at me if I move the slides forward too fast and talks about what she considers the best brand in the world, a sex toy company called Dame. All part of a day's work.
  • None of the above is upsetting to me, and I think this is because of my decision to give up Facebook. It took a few days before I stopped going there automatically every time I opened up my computer or my Kindle or my phone, but now I'm really good without it. I also am spending much less time on Ravelry--I am checking it primarily for patterns, and many of the boards I'm on are just too judgy. 
  • I have upped my Insta game, but I'm mostly following knitters and cross stitchers. Speaking of which: it's an ibis. An ibis missing its feet and some other parts but an ibis all the same.
  • I'm kind of stumbling around looking for a good book to read: I read "The Studio" by John Gregory Dunne and now I'm reading "Monster" also by him about his involvement with the film "Up Close and Personal" and may re-read "The Goldfinch" but nothing is grabbing me. 
  • We are (successfully) training Jessie the Cat to eat out of an automatic feeder. This will make it easier to do shorter, last minute trips to the house.
  • This may be the weekend for casting on all the things. I have the yarn ready to go for Kilim and also have clear elastic to compensate for alpaca's lack of stretchiness. I will check to see if I have yarn to make a Japanese Knot Bag (if I have enough bright blue I would like to do it out of that) and also maybe a bright cabled sock because I really love cables. 
Thanks for sticking with me during this long focalizing post!


Kym said...

I love "focalize" -- and will look forward to reading your posts whenever you decide to, well . . . focalize. I am still chuckling over the description of your class. People are really . . . something, aren't they? Always amusing and interesting. And your experience with leaving Facebook was the same as mine: super hard for a couple of days, and then I didn't miss it a bit! Have a great weekend, Kim. XO

Vera said...

Love your words! Focalize is great. And your class - egads - that woman in front would make me batty.

What Kilim pattern? And the knot bag looks great! I have toyed with sewing one, but I love the idea of a felted one.

Happy Weekend!

Tired Teacher said...

Ah yes, the ones who typically sit in the front are an interesting lot!

kathy b said...

I;ve always liked those bags! Cant wait to see yours. I'll share you student notes wth son Zach who has some wild 6th graders....

KSD said...

Sometimes I ache to teach again. Sometimes not so much.

DelightedHands said...

I hope you can bring some order to your class--manners always are best.
The knitting plans sound wonderful!

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