Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday begins on the coast

It will end in Eugene, as we will pack up (not really a lot to pack up though) and clean up (and not really a lot to clean up, either, as we have been very neat this weekend) after lunch. It has been a good weekend, much more relaxing than the last time we were here. At the same time, it gets harder and harder and harder to leave. We'll have to find some way to remedy that.

Yesterday I spent a bit of time working and finished a 'cozy' I was reading--a cozy set on a college campus. I got it on Kindle Unlimited and it was called "Academic Curveball" and it involved the star pitchers on the baseball team and all kinds of fol de rol. It was not a very accurate portrayal of college life, although an accurate portrayal would be the most boring book ever (Death by Committee? Faculty Foul Play? Tenure-i-cide?).

There has been knitting. This one is coming along:

I found a lot of bulky yarn right before we left that I'd like to use for a giant cowl/hood thing, but my guess is by the time I get started on it spring will be here.

I also am kind of enjoying "Goedel Escher Bach" but I do have to say if I wasn't reading it as an independent study with Travis I wouldn't be curled up with it. There's a ton of math I cannot understand but when he discusses Escher's art and Zen and notions of the paradox it is really quite fascinating.

Happy Monday!


KSD said...

Rather than admit that "Goedel Escher Bach" is long since in my rearview mirror, I'm simply nodding sagely at your observations.

kathy b said...

Love that you LOVE your new place. Of course it must be hard to leave. !!!!! It is a beautiful place.

elns said...

Happy Monday! I too have found a bunch of bulky yarn and am thinking the same thing, by the time I can get to it for a couch throw it might be too big warm and bulky for my mood.

Tired Teacher said...

The dread of leaving your coastal home simply means it is an excellent place for respite.

DelightedHands said...

I remember the two years we trucked back and forth were hard to go each time!
Hang in there! Shawl is coming right along!
The Escher/zen and philosophy would be the good parts of the book--and the math, too!

Vera said...

Tenure-I-Cide - cracks me up!!! I don't know how you leave your coastal home - that's got to be so hard.

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