Saturday, February 16, 2019

Casting on!

I've written many posts called "Casting On" on this blog, and here's another one!

First, here is the Friend of the forest hood which is both a hood and a cowl (if you don't wear the hood over your head). THIS IS BRILLIANT! I kind of hate wearing hats because hair mush, and I love the idea of being able to just pull up a cowl when it is lightly raining, as it does most of the time in the winter in Oregon. I will be making lots and lots of these hood/cowls. I will even experiment with my own patterns and share them because I want you to love hood/cowls too.

This is the cast on for Heart Warmer as my 'pay attention' project, as most of the other projects I have going on are mindless.

Today will be a lazy day of knitting and lunch. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

And just like that--

--it's done! Except for the weaving in.

I like it a lot. I'm very much into colors right now, which is unlike me. I have a pile of UFOs in the corner of the yarn room that I pawed through this morning very quickly and they were all grey and black and dark purple.

I have a few other cowls I'd like to cast on for, and I'm trying to decide if I can mix two colors of dk with one color of sock yarn. The answer is probably not but I might just give it a try.

I also cast on for the  Friend of the Forest Hood with some crazy variegated yarn. That is early days. It may just be a 'cast on for all the stuff' weekend here, though.

My busy day yesterday was busy---I counted up and I had class, one committee meeting, two different meetings with colleagues, and four student meetings. I had a third meeting scheduled for 4:30 but that colleague couldn't find a parking place and I had to get home. So that was a 9 1/2 hour day on campus yesterday and in the half-an-hour blocks that I had free here and there I got some things crossed off my to do list. I can be incredibly focused like that, while bouncing around, but then I feel kind of hung over the next day.

Last night, Tim made a delicious dinner and then we went to the symphony. It featured "Rhapsody in Blue" and the "Second Rhapsody" and two other pieces. It was good, and Rhapsody in Blue tends to be a crowd favorite.

Today, I hope to work on a paper and write some letters of recommendation. There's a faculty meeting at 3 but I think I'll just call in as opposed to going in and sitting there bored.

I'm looking forward to some serious knitting time this weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nothing really important to say except I hope you enjoy your day with your Valentine, whether that be a person, a pet, or just yourself. There's a lot of negative VD sentiments but maybe if we thought of it as a day to simply celebrate the beauty of love we would all be in a better place.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Almost done!

I think I have nine more rows and this is done (and I may have less than that, I'm getting really low on yarn. So I might skip the last repeat of daisy stitch).

Oh yes, there's daisy stitch in there-

I don't really even like Daisy Stitch but it seems to work ok in this cowl!

I have mentioned multiple times how big a Casapinka fan I am, and this cowl confirms it! But I'm going to move on to another project soon, and will contemplate that over the next few days.

I have a bit of a busy day today, trying to finish up a paper and I have yoga this morning so I'll end this a bit quickly. Have a good day!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday begins on the coast

It will end in Eugene, as we will pack up (not really a lot to pack up though) and clean up (and not really a lot to clean up, either, as we have been very neat this weekend) after lunch. It has been a good weekend, much more relaxing than the last time we were here. At the same time, it gets harder and harder and harder to leave. We'll have to find some way to remedy that.

Yesterday I spent a bit of time working and finished a 'cozy' I was reading--a cozy set on a college campus. I got it on Kindle Unlimited and it was called "Academic Curveball" and it involved the star pitchers on the baseball team and all kinds of fol de rol. It was not a very accurate portrayal of college life, although an accurate portrayal would be the most boring book ever (Death by Committee? Faculty Foul Play? Tenure-i-cide?).

There has been knitting. This one is coming along:

I found a lot of bulky yarn right before we left that I'd like to use for a giant cowl/hood thing, but my guess is by the time I get started on it spring will be here.

I also am kind of enjoying "Goedel Escher Bach" but I do have to say if I wasn't reading it as an independent study with Travis I wouldn't be curled up with it. There's a ton of math I cannot understand but when he discusses Escher's art and Zen and notions of the paradox it is really quite fascinating.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Every time I looked outside-

-there was something different happening. We were waiting for the snow but it never came (the video below is literally most of the snow we saw yesterday). It is, however, really cold (for the coast)--this morning it was below freezing. At the gas station the other day (yes, we have a gas station in Pacific City!) the woman pumping the gas said that it used to be that it was always 60 degrees in PC, regardless of the time of the year. Not so much any more.

I love this little video because it looks like I put some type of 'snowglobe' filter on it, but it has #nofilter and shows our sparkly snow yesterday.

And among other pretty scenes:

The snow looked like it wanted to start all day yesterday:

During one little squall, Pilot went out to see what was happening and decided that snow could be a little snack. He is all healed now!

The sunset last night was dramatic. This is looking southwest.

Another one to the Southwest.

And this is to the Northwest.
 And then this morning, the sunrise was beautiful. Blue sky, no clouds now (about half an hour after this photo was taken):

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Snow snow

As in 'there's no snow'.

We were hoping to wake up to a snowy morning on the coast but it was not to be. It is still beautiful though:

When I was out with the dogs this morning there were tiny little flakes that stuck for about 2 minutes and then melted. Ah well. I guess there is still a chance for a bit more snow later today but we'll see.

Seattle got really wallopped--if you're not familiar with the PNW, Seattle is about four hours north of us, and it started snowing there yesterday afternoon and they're expecting a lot--they have six inches on the ground and it is still snowing.  It doesn't seem like that much if you live somewhere where snow tends to happen in the winter, but most people are not prepared in the Pacific Northwest. Eugene, where I live, has one plow. In general, cities won't use chemicals on the streets, and even sanding the streets is problematic as the sand ends up in the sewers and needs to be sucked out. So, yes, we don't know what to do with snow here.

I'm hoping to see snow on the beach this weekend, so stay tuned!

I've been working on the Klickitat cowl and STOP THE PRESSES I FIGURED OUT THE CONFUSING STITCH! The one I posted is part of a four row pattern--the first row involves slipping five stitches with the yarn in front, and then when you get to the 'confusing' row (Row 3) you pick up that long piece of yarn.

It looks like this:

The little mountain at the top was formed by the confusing stitch.

And the whole thing looks like this:

I have only one skein so I'm now 'picking and choosing' what rows I knit, and I'll just keep knitting til there is nothing left.

Yesterday was catching up on work and today will be a bit of catching up as well. I'm reading "The Witches of New York" which I had started a while back and just returned to. It is set in New York (duh) and it is about witches (duh) and it is set in the 19th century which seems to be a time period I'm reading a lot about lately.

Hope you are warm and dry on this Saturday!

Casting on!