Monday, August 09, 2004

Felting the Hat

I felted Elizabeth's hat yesterday. I've felted purses, oven mitts, and pot holders but have never felted a hat.

Now I know why.

Um, duh, it doesn't stretch when it is felted! So you have this hat that BETTER fit PERFECTLY, I mean PERFECTLY on your head or else 1. you'll get a headache or 2. it will just slip and fall off.

And so the challenge with knitting for a friend...who by the way lives on the other side of the country, is that our heads must be the exact same size.

Who knows what will happen? DH had the great idea of doing a 'hat band' that could be tightened if it is too big. I'll do an icord with the remaining sensuale from the trim. Which looks great by the way.

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