Saturday, August 07, 2004

Hat Accompli

I finished Elizabeth's hat last night (finished knitting wise, not felting wise, but still, a hat in a day! Yowza!).

After spending what seems like a year on the sweater it is great to zip out something in a few hours.

Anyway...did the hat top down (first time) in sapphire yarn and once I got to the brim, I added in some yarn called sensuale made by skacel that I picked up at the local Ben Frankling (which sometimes is a feast and sometimes a famine for yarn lovers...), anyway, this yarn is a variegated blue/purple yarn with shots of gold, and as a carry along type of yarn doesn't overwhelm the it makes the hat special without looking too over the top.

I've never felted with a novelty yarn but rumor has it that it works well.

So now...what to start! Only one project, sleeves for the black sweater, going on. I might make another hat for Elizabeth's daughter, start on a somwhat complex scarf pattern (is that an oxymoron)? or just do a straight garter scarf, not sure. If my squiggle arrives in the mail today I'll start on something with that.

Oh the decisions!

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