Monday, August 30, 2004

It Felt Good!

Lots of projects completed this weekend. The felting of the tote, the purse and even the mosaic went great. Will post pics this week. Also, finished the sleeves on the weekend warrior so definitely will assemble this week.

I 'created' my own shawl pattern (I'm sure there are about a gazillion just like it out there.

Sapphire Shawl (named because I'm using the frustrating slubby yarn from a previous bad experience but it works well now).

CO 3 stiches.

R1: k1fb, k to last stitch, k1fb
R2: *k1, yo* repeat from * to * til last stitch, k1
R3 *k1, drop yo off the stitch* repeat from * to * til last stitch, k1
R4: k

The slubby nubbly yarn makes it look like a string of sapphires (yarn is blue) between the dropped stitches.

Feeling very creative and knittery right now.

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