Sunday, August 08, 2004

Next Project!

OK I decided. Finally. I will make a hat for my friend Elizabeth's son, Jack. Just a simple knitted hat, in Cascade 220, in a sort of a burguny heathered color. It is the yarn that was wound for the abandonded scarf (see below) and will make a cute hat. Now I have to figure out how to 'top' it...what is appropriate for a 4 year old boy? I'm guessing a pom pom.

I don't know why nothing was working or making sense yesterday. I have told myself I need to use up my pretty big stash before I buy more yarn, but I bought a lot of single skeins when I first started felting and so can't do a 'big' project with most of what I have. Plus, I have also told myself I can't start another sweater til the dang sleeves on the current sweater are done.

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