Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Plugging Away

I've just been plugging away on the sleeves for my sweater, I'm probably 50 or 60 rows from finishing the first one.

It just seems to be taking forever. At KR I refered to it as the sleeve time vortex.

Oh well. Makes me wonder if I'm meant to be a sweater maker.


The Knittin Kitten said...

hey :) keep making that sweater and post pics! i wanna see!
btw welcome to the ring (the knitters for kerry one. we're 2 members strong lol :P.)
btw, take one of the pictures to use :) i'd like to give those out (

Amie said...

Sleeves are usually a good thing for a good movie/tv knitting, since they don't require as much attention as they usually aren't heavily patterned. Hang in there - if necessary, force yourself to knit 15 min a day on them, and find something fun to do for the rest of your knitting time until you're re-inspired!