Saturday, September 18, 2004

Moving On...

I finished the morning surf scarf last is now being blocked, and then I'll add fringe to it. I am very pleased with the scarf, but most importantly, I'm pleased with the opportunity to...


So. I cast on the yarn for an alpaca scarf will be a surprise Christmas present for Tim, so I can only work on it when he isn't home. I'm planning to take it to the Mind Numbing Faculty Retreat next Tuesday...7 hours of people I don't care about telling me things I don't need to know. I decided to knit knit knit through the entire retreat, and not give a hoot about what people are saying/thinking/whispering...and in reality, probably no one will notice.

The next project I'll start is the bolero jacket using trio. I tried to post a link, it doesn't work, it is at the web site under the trio patterns if you want to take a look at it. I'll post a pic of the yarn next time. I'm going to make it using a black/brown trio mix and black fizz. I made a trio bag earlier this summer and like the yarn a lot, so this should be fun to work on. It is a little 'wild' for me, but oh well.

The chenille scarf, which I may or may not give to my brother for Christmas, travels in my bag and I work on it a row or two at a time....Tim has declared it less 'pimpy' and more 'Shakesperean' which I guess is a step in the right direction. I might just make a strip and then knit other strips in other colors and make an afghan, it is soft chenille (Lion Brand Chenille T&Q, which many dislike intensely but I kind of dig).

That's the poop from here. In the next post I'll post some picks of the sock...big lesson learned...Confetti doesn't work too well with a rib. But it is still a cool looking sock. I like doing the is almost, but not quite, mindless.

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