Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Socked in

I'm spending some of the afternoon working on a first one using two circular needles. I'm about halfway thorugh the heel flap and then i'll turn the heel and pick up the stitches. When I read the instructions (from Cat Bordhi's book) I can't even imagine how this is going to work out, but everyone on KR says just keep reading and following the directions and all will be well. So we'll see.

These afternoons of sock immersion are soon to end as classes at the UO will start in a week and a half. I have a couple new projects that I'm thinking about (to address knitting ennui, below) and also need to finish some Christmas gifts. Then I'm going to concentrate only on socks and sweaters for a bit.

1 comment:

Amie said...

The only thing I would say about Cat's book is that she's got you doing all kinds of contortions to get the heel flap on one of your needles.

Think about it a minute. A sock is, for the most part, round. If you can get your head wrapped around the idea that you've casted on from the side of your ankle, and not the back of the ankle, then your stitches for your heel flap are already on one needle. It'll save you some fiddling...

Otherwise - yes, follow the instructions.