Friday, September 03, 2004

Vacation Knitting Plans

DH and I (plus the two doggles, and maybe the kitten) are heading over to the coast on Monday for a week. Hooray! We're renting a little house in the wonderful hamlet of Pacific City, the second row from the beach (meaning we're separated from the beach by a street and a one-story house). The house we're renting is two story with lots of decks.

I plan to take semi-mindless knitting that I can pick up and put down fairly easily. So: started a pair of socks for DH using the Cat Bordhi two circular method...much less complex than using double pointed needles. Using Confetti sock yarn in greys and reds. Also I'm taking a ribbed scarf made out of Lion Chenille...for some reason I bought a bunch of this on ebay and now don't know what to do with doesn't feel good enough for a sweater but legend has it that it softens when washes. Anyway, a ribbed scarf for Jen, and maybe one for my brother too if it doesn't look to frou-frou-y. I'll also take the sapphire shawl, which I will be working on for the rest of my life I think!

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