Sunday, September 26, 2004

A Visit with my Stash

I went into the Stash Closet yesterday and reacquainted myself with my stash. Oh my, it is so lovely.

Much of my stash was accumulated during my early 'crush' on knitting, so I have a lot of beautiful yarn but in weird amounts (85 yards of Hip Hop. 600 yards of a pretty variegated wool, 250 yards of hand dyed mohair). Weird amounts in that its not enough to make a sweater, maybe not enough to even make a scarf. And if I made scarves out of everything that was in scarf amounts, well, all I'd do is make scarves all day. was so beautiful! And inspirational! I started thinking: well, a short sleeve sweater/t could be made out of the 600 go under a blazer or a cardigan. I want to try the fan and feather pattern, and that will look AWESOME with the mohair. And I've been designing a satchel in my mind, and the hip hop would be a good trim for that.

All in all, a good visit. But, it made me rethink current projects, in particular, the chenille scarf. It doesn't look that great as a scarf, and I found I had more of the chenille than I thought. Enough to make a cute sweater that was in the current issue of Knitters. So chenille scarf is dead (no frogging, not with T&Q) and I started a different scarf for friend Jen, yellow Cascade 220 with Squiggle in red, yellow and orange.

Just looking at it makes me happy.

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