Monday, November 15, 2004

Ah, sleep.

After a very stressful work week, where I slept maybe 5 hours each night, I slept for ten hours Fri. night and eight hours Saturday night and now feel back to normal. Now the tension over my In Law visit over TG will begin, but hopefully I can put that aside to relax and enjoy this week of relative normalcy.

I finished Jen's scarf (the stitching part) and found some yarn for weaving through the holes, so that project is almost done. It looks cool. After trying some trio I had in my stash, I ended up buying Lion landscapes for the weaving part in a dark, rich colorway. The chenille jacket body is complete, and I started on the sleeves. Increasing in seed stitch is definitely NOT my favorite thing to do, but I'm plodding along. And in other knitting news, I reached into the bottom of my bag to grab the tank=top-in-the-round to do some work onit, and found that about a dozen or so stitches had fallen off the circs (my fault, no stitch blocker thingees). I had only done about an inch on it, and it was really too itchy for a tank, so I frogged it and am now pondering what to do next.

Just to have a mindless project (and how sad is that, when seed stitch sleeves are not mindless anymore) I cast on yellow mohair on two circs for a tubular scarf. And I found a cabled sweater pattern in one of the old VKs that I bought on Friday, and will start that to have something a bit more 'challenging' to do. I have plenty of yarn in my stash (a rose colored wool) that should look great with that.

The dig. camera is acting up so not sure when I'll add some pictures, but will soon.

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