Monday, November 01, 2004

Blog Envy

I am envious of other bloggers. Not all of them (ie..not the ones that sound like ME!!) but the ones that write so vividly about their lives and their friends and their children and their adventures and their knitting just seamlessly (forgive the puns) works its way into all they talk about.

You know who you are (although you might not be a regular visitor here). You decorate your blog with fun icons. You have a magical ongoing chat area where people enthusiastically discuss the fascinating ideas you present at your blog. Your knitting, of course, is insanely beautiful and intricate.

I am envious of you. Yes, you. You can WRITEl Not the boring academic "here are the results of my research" writing that I do every day. You can write and knit! And you probably make lovely nutritious meals and there isn't yards of dog hair floating around your house and the bills are paid on time and

Deep breath Kim.

I'm not sure what to do about this...obviously I can't change my life and become a more interesting person. Or do more interesting knitting. Maybe I should just make some good stuff up.

OK. Bad idea.

Anyway, on to my newest photos of my pedestrian knitting work.

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