Thursday, November 11, 2004

Busy Week

It has been a busy week, with very little knitting (or sleep, for that matter). I am chairing a search committee and our candidates visited this week. I've never chaired a committee before, and the search is a little off-the-beaten-academic path, and we failed in the search last year, so there is pressure on me to be successful. That said...I think it went really well. Probably due to my not sleeping.

I've been progressing slowly on both the chenille jacket and the lacy scarf. Hopefully I'll get the jacket fronts done this weekend. I'm a bit uninspired, knitting wise, right now, although I have decided to knit ipod cozies for Tim and for his friend Steve. They'll never use them, so knowing that I can be a bit whacko in the designs. It will be worth seeing their faces trying to say something positive about them!

We miss our Mickey cat, but feel a bit better about her every day.

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