Monday, November 22, 2004

Color Me: Rosey

Most of the weekend was spent de-furring the house for the In Law visit. But I did manage a bit of knitting. I'm halfway done with the sleeves for the chenille jacket. I also cast on for a sweater found in one of 15-year old Vogue mags I got at the 1985 yarn sale. It has a pattern of twisted cables, and so is a few steps beyond mindless knitting.

It is a 10 stitch cable, which for some reason creates a big hole during the cable part, but I'm sure I'll get better at it. I suppose there is a good reason we always start with the backs of sweaters.

The yarn is some that I bought on eBay a while ago: Paton's Impressions, in a multicolored rose color. I seem oddly attracted to rose colors these days, not sure why. I almost never, ever wear colored sweaters, and if I do, they are never pastels. However, if I think back to the 'color me beautiful' consultation I had, what, 20 years ago, rose is good for me. I'm a Spring, by the way. THe result of the consultation was a year long flirtation with coral colored lipstick, which luckily passed.

I haven't thought much about Color Me Beautiful for a while, but I'm guessing if I tried really really hard, I'd probably find the swatches.

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Kate said...

Hey Kim, good job finding those bargains! Not just the yarn, but also the VK magazines. I picked up some VK mags from the 1990's at a library sale a few years ago, and the designs have stood up to the test of time.