Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Farewell to a Friend

Tonight, our wonderful vet Marnee is coming over to put down Mickey, our almost-22-year old cat. While I've only known Mickey for 10 years, she's been Tim's companion for over 18. She's a calico, and has a typical calico temperament. She's extremely attached to Tim, tolerated me for five years, and now considers me her friend. That is an honor I cherish.

We're not meant to live forever, and Mickey has been living on her ninth life for a while now. We've been administering fluids to her daily for three years to help her failing kidneys. She takes meds for thyroid and for her heart. Over the past few weeks, we've witnessed a dimming of her candle, and now we feel she lives in pain. So we are lovingly and hopefully peacefully going to send her on her way.

She'll be in our hearts forever.

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