Sunday, November 07, 2004


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I spent a couple of hours yesterday finishing a bunch of scarves that I made for Christmas gifts. From left to right: a purple mohair scarf in basketweave for future SIL Mary. Next, a black mohair scarf with some sparkly black flag yarn (maybe trendsetter) mixed in, very evening and elegant, for my elegant Aunt Mary Jane. Next, an offwhite basketweave scarf from Paton's divine for my mom. Next, a purple and block moahir seed stitch scarf for SIL Sue. Finally,a rose colored ribbed scarf made of paton's divine for my SIL Peggy.

I did most of these over the summer, and they just needed weaving in and fringe to finish them off.


um said...

hi there! found your blog through your signature on a kr forum post. i'm soooo envious that you finished some christmas presents! i feel so overwhelmed by my list that i can't seem to find the energy to pick up the needles and begin. not good! your scarves look great. such a nice variety! the recipients are gonna love 'em.

and please, don't have blog envy. we each bring a bit of ourselves to our blogs. i understand how you feel, because i think we all read each other's stuff and feel the urge to be as interesting as everyone else. but no one is you, and that's interesting! speaking for myself, i enjoy reading blogs from real people, not people trying to be clever or interesting. i like your blog! your completion of projects (dude, look at your sidebar!) is very inspiring. so thanks for creating a blog!

:) michelle

Amie said...

Hi, Kim! Thanks for Aslan's birthday blessings! He's such a love, he makes me cry, too... All my kids are, but today he's the special one.

I have always been of the opinion that animals choose us more often than we choose them. My husband knew that when he married me, although I don't think it's his first choice. But as long as they can't make my existing critters sick in anyway, and as long as we can give them the best home, if they find us, they stay! Right now we're full up, but when I have a farm and some land, it'll be the island of misfits, farm style! (love that movie!)

Agnes said...

Hello Kim,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the comment. You got some great Christmas gifts done here. Good work.
For my afghan, since it is my first one, I just picked up some Red Heart Super Saver from Michael's. Turned out they are not bad at all. For my next afghan, I am planning to use Patons Decor.
Merry Christmas.