Wednesday, December 22, 2004

100 Things, Part 3

61. I adore dark chocolate (did I say that already?) My absolute favorite is Ritter Sport, which I think is a German brand.
62. I don’t like to fly.
63. I don’t like to travel, period. I like to stay home.
64. I may be borderline agoraphobic.
65. I read a lot. I love the Harry Potter books, and I’m currently reading “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell” which is quite wonderful.
66. I am incredibly sloppy.
67. However, I am also very organized. How does that work?
68. I am not close with my mother.
69. I am not very close with my brother, but we get along.
70. I don’t have children. I thought I would for much of my life, but it just didn’t work out. I’m at peace with that.
71. I have five nieces and nephews. I am close with three of them.
72. My sister in law is the best knitter I know. She is also a very nice person.
73. I love all types of music.
74. My favorite artist of all time is Richard Thompson.
75. I used to love Duran Duran, which makes me feel like the person in the song “1985” by Bowling for Soup.
76. I am a positivist, I believe ‘the truth is out there’.
77. I have never been seriously ill (knock wood).
78. I dislocated my shoulder cross country skiing when I was 33. It still occasionally pops out, often at inopportune times.
79. I wear contacts.
80. I wear reading glasses.
81. I got my first professional highlights (in my hair) this year. Before that, I would occasionally color my hair myself.
82. I was born brunette, but have been both a blonde and a redhead in my life.
83. One time, when I was blonde, I was referred to as ‘the blonde’ and that has always bothered me.
84. I do not suffer fools gladly.
85. I am impatient.
86. I donate money to lots of different charities: mostly those having to do with animals and the environment.
87. I am registered as an independent, but I’m really a democrat.
88. I try to give blood on a regular basis.
89. I hate going to the doctor.
90. I love going to the dentist.
91. We own a tiny piece of land on the Oregon coast, and hope to build a house there someday.
92. In pursuit of number 91, we play Powerball.
93. My best friend, Elizabeth, lives in Boston, and I miss her a lot.
94. I used to use Pcs, but now I have a Powerbook and I absolutely love it.
95. We went to Germany on our honeymoon.
96. I would love to own an alpaca ranch.
97. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I have a hard time getting around to putting clean laundry away.
98. I have a cottage garden, which means it is full of plants I don’t have to worry about.
99. I love lavender, and since lavender is one of the few plants that tolerates a dry Oregon summer, have lots of lavender in our yard.
100. I’m done.

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