Sunday, December 26, 2004

Creatures: Stop Your Stirring!

Happy Day After Christmas. It was a great day for our little family, and I hope you had a terrific holiday too.

It was just DH and I...usually we end up at friends' for one or other of the days, but this year all amigos were out of town. It was great to spend it alone..with the dogs, cats, bird and rabbit, plus two other creatures whose sad story is still to come.

The biggest surprise was that DH's gift to me was....a bed!! I was shocked. He has been storing it in the guest room, which is also where I keep my stash, and so I've been separated from my stash for two weeks. After we finished opening most gifts, he told me to come into the guest room, and there was a beautiful cherry mission-style headboard and footboard, along with cherry rails. Beautiful, and such a surprise. We spent much of the morning setting it up, then DH installed reading lights for us (another gift, belonging to the 'oh thanks honey that's nice' category until I got the bed.

Also in the gift pile were a pair of UGG boots that I've been coveting, a drop spindle and a big ball of roving, and a gift certificate to a spinning class at one of the LYSs. I had a great DH.

Tim loved his presents (a great pot and steamer inserts for brewing beer, a stovetop smoker, books, cds, calendars, and a nice Pendleton shirt). He loved the alpaca scarf...indeed, everyone who got a scarf seemed to like it. My Aunt termed hers (black mohair with shiny novelty flags) 'stunning', and my mom liked her oatmeal basketweave because it was warm and apparently my brother keeps the heat low at his house (but truth be told, my mom's thermostat is set at 80 in the winter and 60 in the summer).

Only a couple dampers on a great holiday. On Christmas eve we took Shasta and Jessie to the vet's...Shasta to get some bloodwork done and Jessie to get a microchip. Shasta has never liked going to the vet, and was pretty traumatized after this visit...that coupled with receiving gifts on Christmas made her retreat to her puppy sofa and view the fun from a distance.

And, the evening before Christmas eve Stella the cat discovered a mouse in the kitchen. Now, I love animals, but I am scared silly of mice in the house. Tim was worried the cats would eat the mice (um, honey, isn't that their job?) and so we set some traps and tracked their point of entry to the heating ducts. (just so you know, we asked our vet, the Awesome Marnee, if it was OK if cats ate mice. She is very much into the 'slow food' movement and having animals eat more naturally, and she said the healthiest cats are those who ate mice. Hmmm.) Christmas eve I was in the garage and there is a mousie hanging out under the sink. Tim put a trap out there and caught Lady Mousie Christmas Eve and Lord Mousie Christmas day. Haven't had any evidence of additional mousies since so hopefully they've all moved on to greener, warmer, cat free pastures.

I really hate mice.

So such is life. I ordered yarn for the Afghan (I bought it from Discount Yarn Sale) and ordered some JaggerSpun for a shawl from Knitting Zone (and another shawl pattern, the Pacific Northwest Shawl, which i think I'll start with for me).

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