Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Frodo's done!

Happy Things:
I finished the little baby jacket for Frodo, and did little booties for him/her too. I love to knit baby things.

I signed up for the spinning class yesterday at the LYS, and it starts in February. I'm very excited, and I'm going to try to spin today.

At the LYS, the owner complimented me on the Rabbit tracks scarf, and a customer told me my felted bag was 'great'.

Frustrating things:
I'm in the mood to start the Afghan, but just realized that Discount Yarn Store says the yarn may not arrive for 3-4 weeks. Argh! I shouldn't get that frustrated, since the cost is so low. At the LYS yesterday, they had Plymouth Encore but not in the proper color. So I'll have to start something else.

Once I realized by Discount yarn Store timing error, I thought I'd start on one of the lace shawls that I want to make. Then I discovered that neither LYS in Eugene stocks lace weight yarn!! One solution suggeseted was doucier et soie (sp?) for something like $25 for 250 yards (compared to Jaggerspun Zephyr, which is like $10 for 1200 yards). Now, doucier et soie is a beautiful yarn, but not for the first time you do a complex lace shawl project.

So I ordered so jaggerspun from two different places online. So no shawl project to start for me.

BUT...today the plans are to try my spindle and to start the entrelac felted tote from the Knitters 'Bags' book.

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