Thursday, December 23, 2004

Rabbit Tracks Vexation

I'm using stitch markers.
I'm using a row counter.
I'm being constantly vexed by the Rabbit Tracks scarf.

OK, so I'm not an exceptional lace knitter (although I would like to be, honestly). Just when I think I'm in a lace knitting groove (there are only four rows to this pattern, and two of them are straight purling) I've gotten all cafloozaly and ended up knitting row 2 when I was supposed to be knitting row 4. And since row 2 is the ya row, I've ended up with a bit of a mess a couple of times.

I've frogged...and started again, and it doesn't EXACTLY matcy, but it's OK.

But I worry about my enthusiasm over lace knitting. Maybe I have lace ADD.

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