Monday, January 10, 2005

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After about an hour and a half in the washer (it's a front loader, ymmv) the bag shrunk down to a great size...big, big enough for my spindle, hand carders, and some roving, and with room for a purse too. It is the perfect size. I think I'll shave it down a bit but I am thrilled to pieces with the result.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
First, thanks for visiting my blog!
Your bag is just amazing. I can't believe how big it was, and what a great size it is post-felting. Because I have been watching the whole process and sharing its stupendous growth, I feel thrilled too! Must admit, I couldn't visualize just HOW BIG it was getting until this last picture. Question: while it was in the washer, did you have to keep checking on it, or did you just estimate the time and let it go?
Shelley in Idaho

Kim in Oregon said...

Shelley, I checked it every 20 minutes.....I've felted a lot with Lopi and know that it takes an hour before it begins to get to a manageable size and then it gets shaped up pretty fast!

unravelme said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Your entrelac bag is very impressive!

amandazen said...

That is an impressive bag! I am in awe at how much it shrunk...