Saturday, January 15, 2005

Decisions, decisions!

The Plymouth Encore arrived yesterday, so I cast on for the first square of the "Great American Aran Afghan". I'm going to start on the 'easier' ones in the book and then see what happens. I'll post the progress as it happens.

I'm turning the heel on the first sock, and have even made it halfway up the front of the rosey sweater. But I want to start other things! I checked out "Knitters Stash" from the Library yesterday, and haven't looked at this book since this past summer. So now, of course, there is so much I feel I am capable of doing. I'm thinking of buying some yarn for the lace shawl they have in the book (is it the Morning Flowers shawl, maybe?) and doing that as my first big lace project. I think that might make me a bit more comfortable with the more complex lace stuff.

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Marcia said...

Kim, I didn't know how else to get back to you about the SOAR comment you left on my blog, so I tracked you down here! Yes, indeed, SOAR will be in Park City, at The Canyons (wasn't the avalanche horrible?) from November 6-13. I don't have any further details, and actually, the exact location hasn't even been publicized yet (I know 'cause my son works for The Canyons in internet marketing and got the scoop from the guys down the hall in Conference Sales!) but this much I know. I have an additional excuse for going: our new little granddaughter lives in Park City, so any excuse to see the kid! I guess the details will be in the next issue of SpinOff, prices, teachers, etc. I am trying to get some inside info on the resort rates, but so far my son hasn't gotten back to me with the contact person's email. He's been kind of busy shuttling equipment up the mountain to the rescue workers.....