Saturday, January 29, 2005

My Cool Students

I got home an hour or so ago from putting on a two-day workshop for some of the great students in the advertising sequence at the U of O. This morning, eight teams of students gave presentations, and while they were presenting to a panel of guests their presentations were broadcast into another room in our building. I was hanging with the non-presenting students watching the presentations, and I brought a mindless scarf (silk sari yarn drop stitch scarf) to play with while they were presenting.

My students are so great. Everyone came by to see what I was knitting. One of the guys, Tanner, told me he just learned to knit and was knitting a scarf for his girlfriend. Katie came up to me and asked me what I would charge to make her a towel for her bowling ball! I told her nothing, and I'm thrilled to knit up a cotton washcloth for her as a gift.

I love my students. Well, most of them. They think I'm cool because I knit. I think they're cool because they think its cool. I'm a happy gal right now.

I didn't get far on the scarf, instead yakked it up with the kids most of the time, but that's ok.

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Bess said...

Howdy - saw your post on the KR thread about ... ahem ... ripe bloggers. (mature bloggers? geezerbloggers? codgerbloggers?)

love those socks.