Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Speed of Socks

I'd post a picture of sock #2 but trust me, it looks just like sock #1. I finished #1 Friday night and cast on for #2 at the same time. As of last night, I'm about 4 inches away from completing #2. It has gone very fast, compared to the first pair of socks that I did, which took a month at least. I love the two circ method. Anyway, I've also done a bit more work on the first afghan square, maybe eight rows, but I'll hold off on posting that 'til its done.

I promised myself I could start something new when I finished the sock, and I've recently b ought some beautiful handpainted yarn, so I think I'm going to do a scarf or a shawl from that. I also might start the Irish Hiking Scarf for my brother for christmas. I also want to make a bag out of recycled sari silk, there is a great pattern in the Bags book...and a colleague had a beautiful scarf made from that which is very very soft, I have some in la stash and so maybe I'll whip out a scarf of that and wash it to soften it up. It is quite stiff in the skein.

Oh, the decisions.

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