Monday, January 31, 2005

To Frog or Not to Frog

I made a mistake on my first afghan square.

To give some perspective: the square as a whole will be 75 rows.

I am on row 48.

The mistake is on row 44.

That would mean frogging four rows. Of cables. Which get totally messy when frogging.

So I think I'm going to not frog. DH pointed out that I can use this square as a 'test' square, and that I can do another square once I finish the whole afghan shebang. And he also pointed out that in the scheme of the entire afghan, it isn't going to be a big deal.

I was so exhausted yesterday I thought the world was over, but in the cold hard light of day I'm dealing with it.

**Update** The good news is that I've figured out how I made a mistake. That was what was driving me the most crazy...I couldn't figure out what went wrong. Well, now that I've slept, it became clear. The pattern features two charts worked side by side, and each chart is repeated *about* 2 1/2 times. The challenge is: chart one is 30 rows, chart two is 28. So on the second repeat, when I'm row 10 of the first chart, I need to be on row 12 of the second.

Well, yesterday, in my tired state, I would do row 10 of the first chart, but row 8 of the second. I can see how it happened. it just will look like a muddle in the middle section but it should end up OK.

Like I said, the figuring out the error is the key thing. Now I can move on.

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Anonymous said...

What a difference a day makes. Your DH gave you some wonderful support, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog a week or so ago. I'm still battling with my socks. :-)