Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Waiting Game

I started a sock yesterday: patons yarn that is a black and white twist. I'm doing sort of a simple mindless sock from "Socks soar". School is so crazeee right now I need some simple stuff.

Also, I'm waiting for two things. One, the yarn for the afghan to arrive. It is on its way hooray! And should be here by the end of the week. Also, I'm waiting for the long weekend, when Tim will be at work (boo), where I can start on a shawl (yay).

I need peace, quiet and time to get in a shawl frame of mind.


Agnes said...

Hi Kim. If you didn't take before and after pictures, I would never believe the pre-felt bag was sooooo big!!! LOL
What afghan do you plan to make? I like making afghan too. I just ordered two books, Barbara Walker's "Learn to Knit" and "Great American Afghan". Looking forward to read progress on your afghan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I noticed you live in Eugene. My sister went there(from NY) in 1969 to attend the U and loved it so much she never came back! I have been there several times over the years.

VaxGirl from KR

Unknown said...

I just wanted to drop in with a quick "Hi" as I read your blog regularly we live close. I am in Portland. My cousin is in Eugene. My blog is only a baby, but if you are so inclined - please check it out, sometime.