Saturday, February 05, 2005

Feather and Fan Fan

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I've always wanted to do a feather and fan shawl or I started one. It wasnt the plan: I was going to do the Meadow Flowers shawl from knitters stash but the yarn I had is just too thick, so I did another yarn splurge and ordered Lorna's Laces heaven, in the exact color (gold hill) that they have in the book. So I'll wait on that for a bit. I have some peruvian baby cashmere from elan in la stash, so I am using two strands to do this feather and fan scarf. I started with two strands of blue, and now am using a strand of blue and a strand of cream, then I'll go to all cream, etc, changing every few inches. I am also going to knit half of it, put the live stitches on a holder, knit the other half, and then graft the stitches together so the ends will look the same. I hate it when ends don't look the same.

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Gracie said...

Love the scarf! I think it is going to be beautiful with the color changes.

And, I agree, life is too short not to buy yarn!

Have a great Sunday!