Sunday, February 27, 2005

Spinning fool

I've spent much of the weekend spinning, making more of the yarn below but the yarn is starting to look a bit more, ah, consistent. Yay. I've decided to make a bucket bag....probably not felted, just so I can enjoy the yarn and the memories of spinning it, and will design my own pattern using bits and pieces from other patterns. Of course, gauge will be an issue, but I'll treat it like one of my favorite yarns, Berroco hip hop. and see what happens.

I finished my soho sling bag and have to put in the zipper and knit the strap, then I'll post a picture. I've also started a sleeveless shell from Simple Chic--the Capri Cable. It is cotton with an interesting rib pattern (k3,p1) and then cables around the armholes. It is going pretty fast, I'm about 1/3 of the way done with the back. Most important about this: no sleeves.

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Amie said...

That's SO funny about Batboy! My brother was Edgar himself. I told him after the show it was just like watching him grow up all over again... ;)

I also told him I was sure I'd have nightmares for months thanks to that "Lion King send up" scene - he was wearing a fig leaf! MY brother! EW!