Thursday, March 03, 2005

Big hunk of knitting

I'm almost done with the back to the capri cable is now a big hunk of knitting twice as big as the picture below. Cotton is not my favorite fiber to knit with. I have several very 'loose' stitches sprinkled throughout the sweater. Maybe it will shrink a bit when I block it, or maybe I'll just have to go back and tighten up some of the stitches. Anyway...are there any cottons that are good to knit with? I'm using cotton fleece from Brown Sheep...I don't think I have used any other cottons.

I started the 'ruffles' scarf from Scarf Style using the soy silk pictured a few posts down. It is a fun scarf to do, but as others have said, it takes forever. Oh well, it should be a fun summer scarf. I've also done a few more inches on the meadow flowers shawl...and it is over 100 stitches on the needles now, so just getting through the eight-row repeat takes about 45 minutes. But I like it.

Odd dream last night: I dreamt about a ball of yarn in a beautiful deep periwinkle color. Does this mean I should go find that yarn?

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Anonymous said...

Well of course the dream means you are supposed to raise a rare breed of fiber animal, and then learn to dye with a natural dye that produces a deep shade of periwinkle blue, and spin the yarn yourself. Just finding the yarn would be way too easy, don'tcha think.