Saturday, March 05, 2005

"Dead Week"

We are about to enter week 10 of Winter term, or what is affectionately (???) known as Dead Week. I think traditionally it was supposed to be a week where nothing was due for students, so they could prepare for ifnals. It has turned into the busiest week of the year as final projects are presented and papers are due. In my one class, I'll have six group presentations to grade, in the other I'll have 102 six-page papers to read. However, then I get a week off for spring break, and next term I have one class with only six students, so it should be a bit less stressful.

I know have 121 out of 181 stitches on the Meadow Flowers shawl. It should be about 10 more hours of knitting on it and then I can start the border. I like that project a lot. I'm also about 1/3 of the way done on the front of the shell. And the ruffles's maybe 8 inches long. It is a fun scarf to knit, but it doesn't quite zip zip zip along.

I've been spinning black and grey yarn and am getting close to enough for my self-designed bucket bag (that I haven't designed yet...oh well). And my Lion and Lamb from Discount Yarn Sale is on the way....clapotis here I come!

I have more projects that I want to do than I have time, which I guess is the case for all knitters.

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