Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Message to St. Anthony

Dear St. Anthony,

I'm not a catholic, so I'm not well-versed in this Patron saint stuff. There is a great song by The Malvinas called "St. Anthony Lost and Found" and so I know you are the patron saint of Lost Things. So, thank you for your assistance today as not one by two Lost Things appeared. First...the metacam for our precious Shasta, who got a bit sore playing at the beach yesterday (Tim had the day off and we headed over to Florence to let the doggles play in the surf, one of their favorite things. We also went to the Sea Lion Caves, which was pretty fun considering that I'm claustrophobic and have a little fear of tsunamis now).

Anyway, Shasta was stiff and sore and generally miserable today. I tore apart the Animal supply shelf in the pantry looking for her metacam, and just couldn't find it. Tim ground up a little aspiring and we gave that to her, and then we headed out to run a few errans. When we got back, I said that I was going to hunt one more time for her metacam. And there on the floor in front of the pantry was the bottle.

The second thing: I have this two-piece outfit that I was considering taking to the conference in Houston next week. It is a sweater and a skirt...light blue, sort of springy, sort of professional, I like it. Several days last week I searched for the top: couldn't find it. I convinced myself that I gave it to Goodwill at the end of last summer. Well, minutes after finding the metacam, I opened a closet door to put the laundry basket in the closet and....there was the top. Odd.

Anyway, St. Anthony, I clearly have little in the way to talk about knitting so I'll just thank you for your help today. In other news, I worked on the ruffles a bit in the car to the beach yesterday, but it was a bit bumpy and didn't get a lot done. I *think* I've figured out how to spin woolen from watching a new video this morning. Other than that, pretty quiet in the knitting front.

I'm wondering what else I've lost that might reappear today. Will keep you posted. Thanks in advance.

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